Training uniforms can be purchased through the school and below are links to retailers that offer other equipment a student may need to acquire during their training.

Wooden Dummy and Poles – Tribal Dummies in Brisbane

Butterfly Swords – Cold Steel

Butterfly Swords - Traditional Filipino weapons

Wall bags, Wooden Dummy, poles etc. – Everything Wing Chun

Padded Jacket and gloves – Superior Fencing


For contact work students will need to put together a sparring kit which should include:

  • Mouth guard

  • Open finger (MMA type) gloves

  • Chest protector

  • Shin pads

  • Head gear with eye protection

These items can be bought form most sporting or martial arts stores, these items will not be needed straight away for new students/beginners but will be required as a student progresses. Due to the increased risk a different set of protective equipment is needed for weapons work.

At a minimum a mouth guard, head gear and gloves must be brought to every class

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